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TherAthletics provides more efficient healthcare. In the areas of prevention, prehab­ili­tation, rehabilitation and performance.

Our app is based on science-based training plans and personal support. It reduces the need for frequent appointments with doctors and physiotherapists. And, it elevates the quality of healthcare. TherAthletics works more efficiently for healthcare providers and patients, it shortens waiting lists and reduces healthcare costs.

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We make healthcare more accessible, affordable and of higher quality.

TherAthletics is the next generation of healthcare. Digitization makes quality healthcare available at a distance. Our app measures and monitors the patients’ training results. This leads to more accurate supervision, and thus to a shorter care process and lower costs. Experience efficient healthcare now!

With TherAthletics, patients no longer need to stay stationary for multiple weeks. The TherAthletics Prevention program provides employees the foundation for a healthy working life in years to come. It starts with 5 stationary days in our beautiful nature-surrounded clinic near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, followed by a 12-week training plan in our app. Personal guidance remains available via chat and video (calls). This offers flexibility in the location and time of training, while quality is guaranteed. The entire program will be covered by pension funds. Available as of the 2nd quarter of 2024!

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How to increase the chances of a successful recovery after intervention or surgery? The fitter patients become prior to intervention, the faster they recover afterwards. With the scientifically based training programs and personal guidance in our app, the patient is optimally prepared for the planned intervention or surgery. Maximize chances of a fast and successful recovery with TherAthletics Prehab.

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A customized rehabilitation process. After consultation, patients start the TherAthletics rehabilitation programs directly from the app at home. This saves time for both patients and surgeons. The scientifically based exercises and personal guidance from TherAthletics sports scientists in the app, also ensure quality.

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Suffering from (recurring) injuries? Or looking for technical improvement in (top) sports performance? With the TherAthletics 3D Motion and Performance analysis, we will find out your points of improvement. Receive individual training plans in our app with scientifically based exercises. And continue to improve under the personal supervision of our sports scientists. Available for recreational athletes, professional athletes, and entire sports teams.

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Start performing at your best now. It’s just one small step. Schedule your first TherAthletics session now and embark on your journey towards greater health and performance. We look forward to empowering you on this path!

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As surgeons, sports scientists and as former (Olympic) top athletes, we know what it takes to get patients and athletes moving (better). Together, we can move mountains.



Orthopedic surgeon

Olympic bronze medal field hockey player

Founder of biannual Sports Medicine Congress Garmisch 




Orthopedic surgeon


Founder of biannual Sports Medicine Congress Garmisch

Founder of Humatrix Inc (DNA Analysis Lab) 




(Data) consultant

Former professional tennis player




Sports Scientist



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